Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today is a big day for McKinley. She finally, and I do mean finally turned Twelve. She can finally go to Young Womens, she can finally wear make-up, and she can finally go to the Temple.

And that is exactly what she did today. Before the light of day, McKinley and her dad headed up to the Temple. The computer cropped it, but you could see the moon in the top left corner.

She had a wonderful time at the temple, and then they headed to IHOP for some breakfast. Of course they sipped on hot cocoa.

I can't believe my oldest daughter is twelve. I still remember crying when Will brought her into my hospital room after she had been given her first bath. She looked so sweet and precious with the little pink bow in her hair. I am proud of the beautiful young woman she is becoming. Love you Kinley!


  1. FUNNY! I did not realize we had our baby girls so close to each other! She's a cutie!

  2. That is so sweet. What a wonderful way to spend your 12th birthday!

    Hey we would love to see you at the play this weekend. YOu can get tickets at the door or email me and I'll pick some up for you. I need a new email address for you - the one I have came back : ) It is at Davis High School (the theater that is separate from the school). It actually starts at 7pm, 6:30 is preshow so they can have people seated and start at 7 pm. The set is amazing, I hope it all comes together. Come find me and say hi