Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Granny Annie's

For about a year my little sister Joanna has been trying to get me to try a restaurant near where she lives. This morning Will had to run up north for work and I tagged along. We wanted to grab a late breakfast at a place we had never been, where Will had heard it was really good. He couldn't remember the name of the place, but drove right to it.

I laughed out loud when he pulled up, and I saw the name. Granny Annie's. This was the restaurant my little sis loved and wanted me to try. It is like an old fashioned diner style.

Because it was during work hours Will spent half the time on the phone. Pretty typical, and I take him when I can get him. :) The food was super yum, although I'm guessing between the cholesterol and the sodium our lives have both been shortened by at least a year.

Brooklynn ate all my hash browns and put a big dent in my pancake, which is saying a lot since the pancake was the size of a Frisbee!!

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