Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The big leagues

Last week I felt like a Kindergartner going to college. The National Genealogical Society was holding their annual conference in Salt Lake City this year.

My darling hubby surprised me by arranging babysitting for Brooklynn so that I could attend. It was amazing and at the end of every day I felt like my brain was exploding. I learned so much about different records that I have never looked at, and new ways to research on the internet. I have already found some information on the church that my 5th great grandparents were married in. Amazing! I can't wait to dig into some probate records.

There were tons of people there. I heard just under 3000. Some of my classes had at least 500 people in them. It was an overwhelming experience, but truly wonderful.

I am soooooo thankful for a sweet thoughtful husband who totally made it possible for me to attend this great conference. He even got me a cute care package full of munchies to last the four days of the conference so I would never be hungry in class.
Thanks Will! You're the greatest.

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