Thursday, May 6, 2010

Code Yellow

Just in case any of you wanted to know, I learned what a "Code Yellow" means at a Kohl's department store. I'm sure it's been keeping you up at night. I, myself had never given it any thought until yesterday.

My two year old, Brooklynn was getting very fussy in the stroller/shopping cart thing that Kohl's has. I let her get out, and told her that she needed to stay where I could see her. That was my first mistake. Did I really think that she would listen?? She stayed close by for about 10 minutes. Then I turned to look for her and she was gone. Totally gone! I walked through all the aisles of shoes calling her name. Nothing. I expanded my search, perusing the main walkway. After about ten minutes of searching, I saw her clear on the other side of the store. I called her name, thinking that she would react with joy in finding her mother. Nope, not my Brooklynn. The independent little thing ran the other way! What a fun game!

I quickly went to find her. Nothing! After about 10 more minutes, I went to a store employee to tell him I was a neglectful mother, and my two year old was missing. He then issued a "code yellow." No, the code does not mean that there is terrible mother in the store, more concerned with cute shoes than the whereabouts of her child. It is the code for a missing child.

I was so impressed with the employees. Within 60 seconds I saw an army of employee's scouring the racks for pigtails and plaid shorts. Roughly eight minutes later, they found her. Happy as can be in men's clothing, playing in the mirrors. Of course by then she had a stinky diaper, so I looked like an even worse mother. I was so happy to see her. I was glad that I saw her across the store, so I didn't totally panic. No sight of her for almost 30 minutes would have left me one hysterical mother! Ahhh, the joys of motherhood.

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