Monday, March 15, 2010

Future Newscasters

Monday, March 15, 2010
(Click on March 15th above to see the video)
This morning my kids got to go with our friend Ann, and do a spot for atv safety on the news. This is just a small clip. The kids had fun, even though they had to get up at 4:30 am to be out there for the shoot. Which was insane right after the time change! They said that Casey was really great, and lots of fun. In this shot, Brennan and McKinley are riding the atv's and Conner is doing what Conner does. Ashlyn is not in this segment, except when they breifly pan down on her. :( But she was very cute in her spots.

P.S. We are working with Conner on his humility. :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Get Away

This past weekend Will had to go down to St. George for work. My sweet mom watched the kids for us, so I tagged along. Will pretty much planned the weekend, so it was more of an adventurous weekend, than your typical "romantic" getaway.
We stayed at these amazing condo's that are super nice. (we mooch off my parents time share, and get bonus time so they are amazingly cheap too!!) They have a fishing pond just a few hundred yards from the condos. We fished to our hearts content and caught around 35 fish! Will won the prize for the biggest fish.

We also went shooting. I'm not so hot, but I did hit the target a few times. I can claim a couple of the dings in the target.

We also went to the Temple. It was a first for both of us to go to a session in the St. George Temple. It was BEAUTIFUL! We really enjoyed ourselves.

A highlight was visiting my Great Aunt and Uncle, Glenda and Bert. Bert is my Granddad's little brother. Being with them made me miss my Grandparents so much! I wasn't prepared for that. It was wonderful talking with them. They are amazing people!

Well, I start my second trimester tomorrow! I can't wait to start feeling better. It was great to get away with my sweetheart and take a break. It turned out to be a very adventurous AND romantic weekend. Thanks sweetie.