Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Great News!

Wow! I am so excited! Apparently my dad is going to live to be 125 years old!

This corvette his new "toy". So I figure if he is going through his mid-life crisis at 63 years old, he would be around for a good long while. Wow! What great news!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Photo Shoot

McKinley had her 12 year old pictures today. Okay, so I'm a couple of months late. Better late than never. I thought they turned out great. My little girl is growing up. Afterward we went out for a mother/daughter lunch. How fun. She is such a sweetheart. I don't know what I would do without her.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


So here are the rooms almost done. They still need a few finishing touches like pictures and things.

This room is now Ashlyn and McKinley's. They had fun picking out the paint, curtains and bedspreads. It was a good bonding experience for two girls who wern't sure that they wanted to share a room.

This room is Brookie's and the babies. It has been nice to have a place to put the babies things.

Brooklynn loves her new room, and had no trouble adjusting.

So there they are. The almost finished product. The trickey part will be getting them to keep their rooms clean!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Suffering from insanity and exhaustion.

With the new baby on the way, I have felt a HUGE desire to get everyone situated to make room for her. That is much easier said than done. This was Ashlyn and Brooklynn's room. As of last night at midnight it was lime green. All the kids stayed up and helped us. After we painted, we had to move the furniture back in the room so we could function.

This is McKinley's old room. It used to be bright yellow, but now is pink with white stripes. The baby and Brookie will stay here.

I totally underestimated the work it would be to do the stripes, but now that they are done, I'm very happy with it. (although I think we used about 5 miles worth of painting tape.)

We are still living in a construction zone, but it is getting better. I need to put up curtains in both rooms, and add the hot pink polka dots to the green room for the "big girls." (We already have the hot pink curtains.)

So that is my last week in a nut shell. I have neglected everything else! My laundry pile is almost to the ceiling! Hopefully the rooms will be complete soon and I'll post the final pic's. Happy Friday!

......McKinley get's home from girls camp today. I have really missed her. It is just not the same without her here. I hope she likes her room.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yeah! (and DUH!)

Okay, I'm not too smart. I found the cord I needed to download my pictures. I was distracted by the other fancy HDMI cord. Anyway, here are the pictures from picking up the boys from trek. Here they are coming down the trail.

Conner pulled away to give us hugs as they pulled in.

Brennan's family in a family huddle.

Conner's family picture.

Brennan's family picture.

Brennan with his Ma and Pa. They were perfect for him.

Conner with his Ma and Pa. Also perfect!

Friday, July 2, 2010

No Pictures!

As many of you might know, I have a husband that is PERFECT! Except, that he loses things. Alot. So when he went on the family reunion camping trip with our girls while the boys were at trek, I sent the camera with him so I could see all the fun they had. (Being in my 3rd trimester I opted to stay home and stay sane. The heat would have killed me, not to mention sleeping on the ground. Sleeping at all can be hard enough.) We'll I knew better. Will lost the camera. UG!

I ran out and bought a camera that was not fancy, but had good zoom and mega pixels, etc. I bought a sony. I didn't know that a sony used a memory stick and was not compatible to my computer. UG!!!

The result is some great pictures from picking the boys up from trek with no way to use them. (If anyone has any idea's that would be great)

Picking the boys up was AWESOME! We got up to the trail about an hour early to make sure we didn't miss them. We watched them come down a hill to where we were all waiting. As each family went by I watched for my boys. I could hardly wait to see them. I saw Conner who pulled away from the handcart long enough to give Will, Brooklynn and me a hug, but I never saw Brennan.

They met briefly with their families once they arrived, and that's where I found Brennan. Huddled in a family circle with his family. I watched them as they knelt together in family prayer and my heart swelled. I saw my sweet boy and the joy on his face. I knew he had been placed with a good family and was happy. I watched their family hug, and then Brennan hugged his ma and pa. It was a very tender moment for me that I really can't describe.

Once we gathered Brennan and Conner and their gear, and they had said their goodbyes, we piled into the car. OH the smell. UG. Then they took off their shoes!! Luckily the smell was tempered by their stories of the trail and their families. I am so happy to have them home. I am thrilled that they both had ma's and pa's that they clicked with. I am thankful! (even with no camera)