Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One Week Ago

One week ago today my sweet little Emily arrived. On Labor Day I decided to have all my wonderful children "labor" and do a little last minute house cleaning. We scrubbed and cleaned, and washed and painted. It was a busy day. As we went to bed that night Will said, "tonight would NOT be a good time for you to go into labor."

So when I woke up at 1:00 in the morning with a killer contraction, I let Will sleep. The contractions kept coming, but they were totally not normal. The were all very hard, but completely random. Some were 15 minutes apart, some 20 and one was even 40 minutes apart.

In the morning I called the Dr. and told him about my night. He told me to go to the hospital and have them check me out. We weren't sure about going since I wasn't really in labor, and the hospital was a ways away. My contractions even stopped once I was up walking around. But we threw the car seat and my bag in the car and went anyway.

Once there, they checked me. I was a 4 and %80. They decided to keep me. Will and I were both a little bit in shock. I have not been anywhere close to 9 days early. They put me on the lowest dose of pit, and less than two hours later Emily was here! We were still in shock! I think her labor made up for Brennan's 28 and a half hour labor.

All the kids came up to see her. Brennan came early with Grandpa, while my sweet mom brought up the rest a little bit later. I wish I had a picture of all the kids together.

So that's about it. She is finally here, and we are all totally in love with her.


  1. Oh Carol! She is adorable! Congratulations to you and Will!

  2. Congratulations! She is beautiful. Yeah for the short labor.

  3. Congrats and she is beautiful~!

  4. Yea! and Congratulations!! She is beautiful. I am soo happy for all of you.