Thursday, September 30, 2010

The search is on

Brennan turns 16 in October. I can hardly believe it. He wanted to buy his own car, but we wanted him to save his money for college and a mission. We decided to buy a "family car" that he would have access to, but we had control over. He still has to pay for his insurance and gas. (we want him to be responsible)

So we are on the hunt for the perfect vehicle. We would really love a natural gas or bi-fuel truck with four wheel drive. Finding one in the right price range without 200,000 miles on it has been the trick. We are not having much luck.

We checked out this one last Saturday. Brennan was in love, but it was a HUGE truck. Longer than a suburban. We feared for mailboxes everywhere decided to keep looking. We are now checking out natural gas cars, too. Bren found a camero last night on-line that he also fell in love with. Will and I laughed. Yeah, right.

So I guess we will just keep looking. Somewhere out there has to be the perfect car, right?? It will be great not to have to drive him to hockey all the time.

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