Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Night of the Arts

Last week we went to Brennan and Conner's Choir Concert at the Jr. High School. It was fun, and the boys did a great job. Conner sings with the 8th Grade Boys Chorus and got to do a little solo. (Three lines :) Brennan is in Concert Choir which is really funny, considering he didn't
even try out! He just told the choir teacher last spring, "I want to be in concert choir, but I don't want to try out." Imagine my surprise when we got his schedule for school and he was in the choir. Too funny! The night was great, except for the insanely hot room, and Ashlyn's friend leaning over to me saying, "Your baby just puked." Yes, that's right. Brooklynn leaned over the seat of her chair, and tossed her cookies in the row behind us. Luckily she missed the guy's shoes! (and there was just one song left!) Parenthood is always an adventure!

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