Saturday, November 21, 2009

Five Little Monsters

As I was getting ready for my date with Will last night, McKinley came upstairs and asked if the girls could make some cookies or brownies. I opted for brownies thinking they would use a mix, and it would be quick, easy, and less messy. Imagine my surprise when I went down stairs to discover five little monsters covered in cookie goo. Apparently they had started out with a recipe (from scratch) for brownies that turned into cookies. Not sure how that worked out, but the girls had fun.
We had a great time out with friends. We went to a fun Brazilian Grill restaurant and tried lots of yummy meat. My fave was the garlic sirloin. It was so fun to get away and not have to worry about the kids for a few hours. Arlyn and Joy, Cliff and Regina, thanks for a great night! (Thanks for taking me out too, sweetie.)

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