Saturday, October 10, 2009

A week for Jacob

It was a busy week this past week for us. With the passing of Jacob, we had lots to do. On Monday, the day after Jacob died, we had all the Young Men and Young Women over to our house, just to be together and remember good times with Jacob. It was a good time. The kids wrote notes to Jacob's family and also wrote on fabric squares that were to be made into a quilt for the family. Last night was the viewing. It made it so much more real to be at the Mortuary. It was a sad time.
Yesterday morning I had the awesome opportunity to go to the temple with the Parks while they did Jacob's Temple work. There was an amazing spirit there. It was a sweet experience. This is a picture of some of the people that attended the Temple.

Here is the finished quilt. I cried when I saw it. I feel so blessed to live in this ward, where we are so close, and everyone looks out for one another. I know how much work these quilts are, and the women who pieced and quilted this quilt are amazing. Everyone was reaching out to the Parks, and my heart was full just to see all the wonderful service.


  1. The quilt is amazing, what a beautiful idea. How are the families holding up?

  2. They are amazing! I know it will be hard now that the funeral is over, but they have so much strength. One of the most touching funerals I have been to. Both of his parents spoke. It was wonderful. They have reached out to the woman who hit him, and loved her. There have been little miracles all along the way, It has been an honor to watch them and learn from them. Your pictures are so cute on your blog.