Friday, October 2, 2009

Brooklynn's hospital visit

So our friends the Park's were up at that hospital with their son in the PICU, and we wanted to visit them. Brooklynn was so helpful in getting into her sisters medicine and eating some of it for us so we could go stay the night at Primary Children's. Ya right! Here are Cher and I sporting our fashionable "Pink Parent Bracelet's." You have to be part of a special club to get these. I know you're all jealous.

One of the few times Brooklynn slept during the night. She was hooked up to all sorts of monitors and wires which made her totally uncomfortable. It was a tough night for both of us, although she must not have eaten too much medication (between 1 and 2 pills) because she was only restless, and wouldn't sleep. That was good news. She could have ended up with seizures, so we were really happy.
Here is Brooklynn getting her EKG. Thirteen different wires hooked up to her.

These were some of the wires Brooklynn got to have attached to her for 24 hours. Always a fun thing for a 21 month old. I felt very lucky to only be a short term visitor at the hospital. We met some the friends of Jacob's family that also have a son in the PICU. He was shot during a hunting trip. I helped them with a blog, too. (I know I'm crazy.) You can see Andrew's info on his blog at

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