Friday, March 13, 2009

A Perfect Day!

Today was a wonderful day. We checked the kids out of school a few hours early, and went out to the Draper Temple open house. It was fun to take my children through and explain the different rooms to them. It was crowded, but amazing. In the Celestial room I found myself saying, "Where's Conner?" Somethings never change! (don't worry, he was just on the other side of the room.) Then we went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse where everyone filled their tummy's with good food. We ran home, changed clothes, left little Brooklynn with Grandma who was sweet enough to tend, and raced to Aida at the high school. I have to explain that our high school does not put on "High School Musicals" these are practically professional performances. The talent was unbelievable! My kids are all very familiar with the music and story line, and that made it all the more fun. Our dear friend Jordan played the role of Merab. He did an incredible job. He was very sweet to say hi to the kids after and pose for a picture with some of them. We all arrived home around 10:00 tired, but very happy. Ah, perfect day.

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  1. That is so funny! Aaron and I also took our kids down to see the temple on the same day! You are actually my second friend who may have been there the same time we were! He is actually from Draper until 3 months ago when they moved to Oregon. Anyway, my kids really loved it...especially my 13 year old and amazingly, my 8 year old was fascinated. The last temple I went through was the Bountiful and that was before any of my kids were born. It was beautiful!