Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gym workout attire update

I know, I know. I really should leave it alone. But it was just too funny not to mention. Recently at the gym there has been a very elegant lady, probably late 60's who wears the same thing every time she comes to the gym. That's not too unusual, but it's what she is wearing that has me chuckling. Imagine this.... a beautiful cream polyester blouse, long sleeved. Stone washed blue jeans that have been cut off at the knee,(frayed hem showing) running shoes and socks and to finish the look; nylons! Although it cracks me up it is nothing compared to my Mr. Man. That is what I named him. This cute old man wears a polo shirt, track pants and suspenders to hold 'em up. Too funny. I think that's part of the deal when you get old... you have to dress like a fuddy duddy. Hmmm... I wonder what I'll wear.

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