Monday, September 14, 2009

EFY....Especially Flirting Youth!

In August, Brennan and his cousin Devon went to EFY down at BYU. Brennan had an awesome time, and loved every second of it. Here is one of the rare pictures of him with one of his "guy buddies."
I sent Brennan with the camera hoping that he might come home with a few pictures. He had such a blast and took a ton of pictures, much to my surprise! Of course there was a large majority of pictures with cute girls. :) Ha Ha! He had such a wonderful time and totally loved his counseler.

He met kids from all over the USA. He keeps asking me when we can go to Chicago! Too funny! One of the guys in his group is from Chicago, and he wants to go visit.

Anyway, to all of you with kids heading into those teenage years, watch out. It's a fun, crazy ride!

I wouldn't miss it for anything!!

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