Sunday, December 21, 2008

Grandpa's Birthday Dinner

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday, so we had him and Mom over for Dinner. The kids love it when they come over. Brennan helped me make Grandpa's favorite dessert- Lemon Meringue Pie. My little brother Bryan and his wife Nicole came over for dinner too, and showed us pictures from the cruise they just returned from.
It has been a busy weekend with two hockey games yesterday. Conner's team lost a hard fought battle at 2 to 3, and Brennan's team whooped the visitors at 7 to 2. I am happy to report that no injuries occured, and no fights broke out.
After the games we raced out to lunch with some girlfriends from college. It was wonderful to see them. When we get together it feels like hardly any time has passed at all! Then last night we went to a neighbors Christmas party. They have it every year, and it's great to see how their children have grown. (I used to babysit them!)
Today the young men/ young women had a Bethlehem supper for Christmas. Brennan played some Christmas music on his guitar with another young man, as everyone entered. During the program, Conner sang a solo. "O little town of Bethlehem." I was proud that they were willing to share their talents. It sounds like it was a great activity, that came to pass after lots of hard work by those involved.

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  1. Your parents look just the same as when we were kids! Say Hi to them for me!