Friday, December 18, 2009

Brooklynn meets Mickey

For Christmas this year we surprised the kids with a trip. I wanted nothing more than to spend time with my family. (spending time with my family in paradise isn't too bad either) We woke them up Wed. morning, and off we went to the airport. It was a long flight, and Brookie didn't sleep at all! But we made it. Yesterday we went to Hollywood Studio's. Brooklynn loves Mickey and was so excited to meet him.
We had dinner at the sci-fi diner. It was cool. You get to eat in car's like you are at a 50's drive in. There are old movie reels running.

This was at the Osborn Christmas light show. It was really cool. The lights were crazy.

We finished off the day with a fireworks show at Epcot

It was amazing and beautiful.

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