Saturday, January 10, 2009

Brooklynn's 1st time flies!

My sweet little Brooklynn turned 1 this past week. It was really a week filled with mixed emotion. I've been so excited for her, and I can't believe that a whole year has gone by. On the other hand, she is most likely my last, and the idea of being done having babies is a tough one to handle. I don't know how I could juggle another little one, and yet my heart breaks at the idea of being done. Brooklynn is such a joy, and I am loving every sleepless second with her. Even when I was pregnant, I didn't wish for the time to fly by. (Well at least not that much.) I loved feeling her move, or getting the hickups. I kept track of her progress, and knew what was developing that week or month. I still feel the same way. I love having a new little baby, watching her grow, learn to sit up, crawl and creep around the funiture. But with this first Birthday, I'm reminded that this little baby stage won't last forever. Next year by this time I'll have a two year old, and three years from now I'll have a preschooler. In five years, I'll have an empty house, during the school day. In five short years, I will have a missionary in the field, a Senior in high school, a Sophmore in High school, a sixth grader, and 1st grader. I'm not ready. I wish I could just keep them all little with me. But I guess that's not the point of why we are here. So for now I will just cherish every moment, and make the memories last. Happy Birthday Brooklynn!!


  1. You got it right, Carol. The time flies so quickly. Our little one refuses to sleep anywhere but our bed. I know I should get frustrated at that, but I know that after him, there won't be any more little hands and feet flung over me when I wake up in the mornings.

    Your baby is darling. I'm so glad I got to meet her. =)